“You’re not Professional!”

Though, like the majority of Americans, I’m usually pretty broke or working with extremely modest finances and resources, I’ve always kinda lived my life as an eccentric millionaire who was told I only had six months to live. I’m a serious minded person with a lot of compassion and pain I feel for the troubles of the world, but recently, I’ve invested myself in helping the local underground scene however I can and trying, how I might, to have some FUN! I’m a talent scout and motivational speaker, who at this point, is willing to be paid in beer and mutual respect.

With various creative and artistic projects I’ve endeavored over the years, I’ve approached it from a realistic angle, but from the viewpoint that, at least personality wise, is one of an extremely wealthy and “thinking outside the box” kinda guy who sees money as no object and knows that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to without being over-burdened by the harsh reality of the situation, which is, that I’m actually broke. Haha, I find it more impressive, more vital and important in this world, when people are able to utilize their meager resources and exceed all expectations, instead of to actually invest $100,000 dollars in something and it be a miserable failure that puts them deeper in debt.

Since for all intents and purposes this is a review of the local band THE DWELLERS whom I had the pleasure of seeing live last night, the introduction today might seem a little out of place. But, that being said, I like to surround myself with good natured and down to earth people who see the sky as the limit, have positive attitudes, and utilize their talents and resources in impressive, astounding, and often times brilliant modes of self expression and artistic integrity. When it comes to local bands and musicians, 10 times out of 10 I’m going to better appreciate those bands who are offering something very unique and different and who clearly aren’t trying to be the next “one hit wonder” on some shitty corporate radio station, or cater to other people’s ideas of what they’re “supposed” to be and sound like. IE: I’ll better react to good bands who clearly aren’t just in it for the money or feel that “this town owes me!”.

I’ve listened to many songs by THE DWELLERS in recent months and have established somewhat of a relationship with these guys on a personal basis, but it wasn’t until last night (8/22) at ZANIES TOO on the east side that I was finally able to see these guys live on stage. And let me tell you, they solidified themselves as one of my favorite local acts (if not favorite) not only by their experimental and mind-blowing arrangement of psychedelic jazz, but because of their likable and modest personalities, and their desire to take their otherworldly compositions and stage show to the next level. When listening to THE DWELLERS you get the sense of not only a certain level of greatness, but of equal parts untapped potential and endless musical-visual possibilities.

While THE DWELLERS aren’t for everyone, and might be an acquired taste for some, for those who appreciate the best of the psychedelic 60’s, love keyboard oriented jam bands who take themselves seriously enough to have a healthy sense of humor, and are the epitome of an “underground sound”: THE DWELLERS are for you. If you’re tired of the metal dominated local scene and 80’s style cover-bands around these parts and are looking for something truly unique and different (and willing to take a chance and let your mind wonder into the realms of bizarre musical landscapes), you’ll definitely want to check this excellent band out as soon as you get a chance. It’s Syd Barret meets Floyd meets Velvet Underground meets Blue Oyster Cult meets Portishead, and I’ve got a good feeling that, in time with a more expanded stage/light show, these guys have the potential to be a “the next big thing” on the local scene and beyond.

Your next best opportunity to find THE DWELLERS is their CD release party at the MELODY INN on Sept. 2nd with GASH HOUND, and on Sept. 11th at THE EMERSON THEATER, and Sept. 12th at SI GREENES. I’m doing my best to help keep these guys busy well in to 2010!

And be sure to check out their official website with a ton of FREE downloads at: http://wearethedwellers.com/

PS: The other bands last night, STATE SECRET (did a superlative job considering they’re having some problems with finding a dedicated drummer), and WILL WOODROW PROJECT (was impressive as always).


As for the TITLE of this blog post:
If “professionalism” is only about making money, and the business end of thngs, and booking bands who might be A-holes but have a guaranteed crowd, then I guess I’m not a professional. And when it comes down to it, those who state or imply that I’m not professional with my approach should take the time to realize that, for as much as I enjoy and love a lot of the local scene, getting involved with INDY music is actually less “professional” than the other “job” I’ve been doing for the past several years which is interviewing celebrities, best selling authors and millionaires, while getting 5 million page views and downloads for my website… And no, I haven’t really made any money at that either, but to me it’s equally as important to have a good resume of personal accomplishments, staying true to your own integrity and intuition, than it is to be making $500 bucks a night by opening for a ‘Chicago’ or ‘Boston’ cover band.