Your Captains Victory Blog

Hello Fellow Lovers of Balls-

I am happy to announce (as if you didn’t already know) that Team Ramrod was victorious TWICE last Friday. Some intense moments throughout the game, but we prevailed. I didn’t think we were going to play a double header, so it was quite the surprise when CCA officials noted us of that.

Highlights of Course:

Rob getting aggressive, tearing off his shirt and winning one of the games for us. Simply amazing.

Nate going into party boy mode and not only scaring are Ref, but also the rest of the other team. Not sure if anyone thought it was sexy.

Me perhaps spilling my water across the whole back court between games. Yes it was sparkling water.

Shawn and Nate wearing girlie Pink Mojo shirts. Scary.

Jingles running around like a scared duck. Funny.

So stay tuned for the weekly Team Ramrod Updated blog. Next week, even if you don’t play we would LOVE to have cheerleaders, male and female. Click on the LIVE group and join! You never know what mo’fos are going to do. We tend to keep you on your toes.

2-0 baby.