You've been Dosio-ed!


After my last blog, where I outlined what to expect at a Papadosio show, I was pretty sure the show put on by IndyMojo this past Friday at the Vogue would be somewhat predictable. I should have known better.

With people filling the downstairs, PapaD took the stage to a rousing crowd of fans who were ready to get down. The 5-piece from Athens, OH were, in-turn, ready to make it happen. From their first note, Papadosio exuded positive vibes and played with an energy I hadn’t seen from them since last summer. Coming off a three week break in Peru, it was apparent they had found their groove and a new-found passion for playing.

While seamlessly transitioning crowd favorites and songs from their upcoming album, PapaD offered the same perfect blend of powerful riffs and melodic lyrics with that little something extra that makes a show go from really good to simply amazing. They continuously worked the crowd into a frenzy before pulling back just enough to have them begging for more and then happily giving it to them. Each song ended with a dramatic climax with adoring fans on the tips of their toes soaking up every drop of Dosio they could. With glowing hoops, poi and about a dozen lasers going in every direction, the show captivated every sense and I could feel that unique energy that only Papadosio possesses. By the time they covered Yeasayer’s O.N.E., I had seen all I needed to see.

In an industry where playing harder, faster, and louder doesn’t necessarily equal better, Papadosio is the perfect balance. They know how to push just enough, slow down when needed and no matter how loud, they always seem to sound just-right. I wouldn’t be surprised if before long, Dosio isn’t selling out venues like the Vogue and moving into a higher jam tier. I can’t wait to see what they bring to the festie scene this summer!

As for Sixdollarsuit and Octopus Nebula, I owe them a super huge apology for missing their sets. A serious of mishaps and unfortunate events ended with me getting to the show just as Papadosio took the stage. From all accounts, I was told both sets were pretty good!

Until next time, enjoy the sunshine my friends!

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