You TV part one

Television has everything. Sports are at home on ESPN, ESPN 2/3/4/5/U and Classic, and Fox Sports Net; rednecks have a moonshine-induced chokehold on the Outdoor Life Network; even women can capitalize on what little strengths they have by turning on the Food Network. If you’re interested in something, and studies show that most people are, then with the advent of stolen cable, you’re able to access it 24-7 by flipping on your tube.


This is why I’m going to make an obscene amount of money by selling my idea of the all-college network, University Television.

Let’s face it, MTV had potential for becoming the network for university-aged youngsters. It’s still the network that is most closely associated with today’s youth…and that pisses me off. I don’t want to be affiliated with Date My Mom, regardless of how many of your mothers I’m physically involved with. Laguna Beach, or whatever