You SHOULD Stare (Concert Review – State)

State’s Friday night performance felt noticeably short. My speculation is that a 12:40 a.m. start time had some impact on this. If they were the headliner, why did they get such a late time slot? This is not the first time I’ve seen the boys of State draw the shortest straw. My first (and thus far only) Punk Rock Night at The Melody Inn featured State as the headliner, yet pushed them to the same early morning start time and expelled more hype about California-based chick band The Randies than our own local stars. While I can’t speak to the performance put on by opening act Cocaine Wolves, I can talk about the metal heads of Devil to Pay. Their heart is in the right place and they pound out solid original riffs, but can’t compare to the energy and abilities of State. Is it conceivable that an act scheduled to headline The Vogue wouldn’t take stage until nearly one o’clock in the morning? Why then does The Melody continue to schedule the best talent on the bill so late that half of the crowd they have drawn is already home in bed? Melody Inn, if you are listening, next time start the inexperienced and lesser qualified bands earlier, recognize the superb talent that is playing your venue, and give them the prime time slot they deserve.

You Shouldn’t Stare, State’s 2008 debut album, is one of my two favorite CD’s released by local artists last year (tied with Tad Armstrong’s Scorpio Falling). Every track has its own unique attributes, always surprising the listener with changing tempos and alternating vocal styles to effectively create a whole book of distinct musical statements. Hit