Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of Tuaca

This past week all my goods/bads can be attributed/blamed on one thing…Tuaca. It is the tastiest liqueur but it can definitely bite you in the ass.

For example…

1) I work for a promotions agency and sponsored a Halloween party at Blu & Subterra with Tuaca as the featured brand. Cool event with body painting and booze. Alas, some stray glitter made its way into my eye and has been firmly stuck there ever since causing me to have the reddest eye that hurts to see light. Yesterday at The Pub I had to wear my sunglasses all day inside to block out the light…on a positive note some guy gave me a high five on the way to the bathroom and said he liked my style of wearing my sunglasses inside all day, “very L.A.” was the exact quote. Now I have to go to the eye doctor and possibly wear an eye patch. An EYE PATCH!!! That alone sucks pretty bad, but I also have to meet my new boss for the first time tonight. Maybe I’ll get a hook for my hand and say “aaarrgghhh” to really complete the first impression.

2) While drinking an ungodly amount of Tuaca yesterday I made a bet with a friend in Boston over the game. The stakes: our remaining vacation days for the year and whose city the other would be visiting. We all know how the game ended up, so now I have to book a flight to Boston for a week sometime before December 31st.

3) Since I lost the bet and a bunch of Patriots fans came back to The Pub after the game to rub it in I drunkenly provided my email to a few saying that I would be spending a week of fun in their city and we could definitely hang out (as if I would even remember what they look like considering all the Tuaca I drank). This morning I have gotten at least a dozen emails from them “it’s gonna be a wicked pissah pahty when you get heah…don’t fuhget to cawl”. Amusing.

So once I get my eye patch I’ll post a humiliating picture…I love Tuaca!