Yes Man

“A man signs up for a self-help program based on one simple principle: say yes to everything… and anything. At first, unleashing the power of “yes” transforms his life in amazing and unexpected ways, but he soon discovers that opening up his life to endless possibilities can have its drawbacks.”

I’ve missed Jim Carey…it’s been a while since I’ve seen him in a decent comedy. I believe the last Jim Carey movie I saw was Bruce Almighty, which was pretty funny. I don’t feel as though he disappointed in this movie, it kept my attention and fully entertained throughout. To me it had a slow start but picked up fairly quickly after that.

A lot of people probably went to see this or at least thought it was going to be another version of “Liar Liar”, very not true. This plot was very well done. Basically, it’s a story about a hum drum type of guy who is afraid to live his life after a divorce…he no longer goes out or even strives to be anything at his job. He turns everyone down for everything. Then, after a little program, he decides he’ll start saying yes to everyone no matter what…which seemingly, at first, goes very bad, until he meets the girl of his dreams. Very well done…not really one of your “oh they’ve done this one before” type of movies.

As far as visual effects go, they really didn’t have too much…although there were some scenes where they incorporated some slight visual effects, which came about very well.

As usual Jim Carey does a really good job acting in this film…along with Zooey Deschanel (HOT =) ). Their style of acting really does not go together very well…although, amazingly enough, they fit fairly well together, I believe this was the intent of the writers as their characters were not supposed to have much in common, they were very different people. I do believe they could have spent a little more time developing her character more though.

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie and would definitely recommend it to everyone. A must see, I’d even see it again, but more than likely more of a matinee type setting. I don’t know if I’d pay full price to see it. I’d have to rank this one…about…3 1/2 stars. Very well done and put together, but little odds and ends could have been done a little better. Well, that’s my time mofo’s, until tomorrow when I come back with Will Smith and “7 pounds”.

See you at the movies!!