Yes, hot musical zombie action made it onto the list!

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Here are the top 10 posts I’ve read over the week of July 19-25. NOT an easy list to narrow down. I’ve been fortunate to find some of the best names and minds in the business of helping people make the most of their jobs, job searches, and careers. Here’s what made the cut:

1. Via Heather Huhman of and What Hiring Managers Look For During Interviews. – A refresher if you’re a veteran at this, and a little survival guide for the newbies among us.

2. Via JobSavants: The Seven Prep Essentials for Job Interviews. They say these tips will “dramatically improve your performance at job interviews and make a greater success of the job once you’re in the saddle.” The strategic thinking behind the tips themselves leads one to believe that line.

3. Via HR Guru: If you *are* employed, what to do to keep your job. Self explanatory, and worth its weight in gold in these times we’re in.

4. Via CareerRealism: Four LAME Excuses Why Jobseekers Don’t Self-Evaluate. OUCH, *raises hand* Guilty as charged. But I’ve changed my ways, and so can you.

5. Via 8 tips to build and maintain a professional online image. I’ve touched on this issue on my blog before, but this post takes that general advice to a higher level. Nicely done, folks.

6. Via CareerRealism: Ten things recruiters won’t tell you (but I will!) If you only have the time to read one article on this list of 10, READ THIS ONE. Get into that interview’s head. Brutally honest, and therefore worth its weight in gold.

7. Via Careerbuilder: 10 Job interview questions you were afraid to ask. Need to manage your image so as not to be perceived as a “dumb blonde?” Got a terrible rash? Afraid you can’t look professional and be overweight at the same time? Wondering if the nose ring was a bad idea? Check this story out.

8. Via 4 pieces of advice for discouraged newbies to the job market.

9. Via Dumb Little Man: 10 answers you should know before going into the interview. Don’t freeze up like a deer in headlights next time you get the “So, tell us about yourself!” question.

10: Via WordPost: 5 business lessons from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video. It’s self-explanatory why this post is full of epic awesome. And it’s not just throwing its hat in on the whole Michael Jackson (may he rest in peace) gimmick. It’s actually decent advice. Way to be awesome, WordPost.