Year One

“Jack Black and Michael Cera headline Harold Ramis’ Stone Age comedy about a pair of lazy hunter-gatherers who embark on a wild journey through the ancient world after being banished from their primitive village. Oliver Platt, David Cross, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and Vinnie Jones co-star.”

Ok, what to say about this movie. It was pretty good, better than I had expected to see. I like some of Jack Black’s work but not a lot, and Michael Cera, well, he seems to always “play” the same character, unemotional witty phrases here and there throughout his movies…so no real difference there.

As far as the plot goes…really, it didn’t have one. Basically they just move from one crazy scene to another. If you wanted to say it had a plot, I guess it would be that they wanted to disprove the myth that the world dropped off on the other side of the mountains. Time seemed to travel in a matter of hours though. They go from caveman, to Biblical times (Cain and Abel) and then to the more civilized Roman era. But you tend to lose track of that aspect.

The acting was typical of Black and Cera’s work. No real dynamic change from their usual styles. However, the film did have some rather humorous moments.

Overall, I think I’ll rate this flick about a 2 1/2 on my scale of 4. I wouldn’t pay to see it, but would probably rent it if I was bored and nothing else was out to see at the present time.