Ya gotta love ‘em!

Mariah woke me up this morning around 4am.

Mind you this is the first day back to school and she still has another 2 1/2 hrs to sleep before she has to get up for the bus and I have to wake up @ five anyhow b/c that is when my alarm goes off but still…

it is 4am.


it is very dark in the room, and the snores of three MiniPins, one basically blind, geriatric Poodle and an insane guinea pig are softly wafting in the backgroud.

But she is standing next to my bed waking me up.


B/c for some reason, she’s decided that she just has to know

(HAS to ok?)

Just HAS to know that “What if all the scientist are wrong?”

What IF the Trex really has really short arms b/c they didn’t use them for anything other than in their dance moves? B/c in all actuality, The Trex could just be history’s most misunderstood dinosaur and therefore will never be truly appreciated for the dancing Ninja dinosaurs they really were?”

I think I blinked at her quite owlishly and then said, What???

(while hoping like Hell I was dreaming)

But no, I am not b/c she repeats it and then said.. “Well think about it mom, it could be true, all those poor Trex’s. all these years and everyone thinks they are some horrid evil flesh ripping monster toothed meanies and all along…?

They really just want to Dance. its sad, really.”

I looked at her, my sleepy eyed, freckled, wonderful, smart, sassy, beautiful and now grown taller than me 15 yr old standing there in all earnesty and eagerly waiting my answer. I could see such a question from her if she were five years younger but… at fifteen?

But, I realised her mind just never shuts off. She is like me with that ever running hamster on that wheel & this question just popped up…

at four a.m.

I told her she might be right, they very well could have been just misunderstood Ninja Dancing Dinos & then told her to climb in bed next to me and then after she was snugged in close,

I whispered in her hair…


No MORE soda pop for you before bedtime, young lady, got it?”


I have not a clue from where they get their weirdness.

I don’t.

At least I dont know where they get it @ 4 o’clock in the morning.