Xscape Extended Review

So JC, Jingles, Elise and JK all checked out the new Xscape place you’ve probably heard about on Friday for their grand opening. The manager gave us a tour of the place and I must say…. quite impressive. For one, it’s just plain huge. They’re able to fit go karts, mini-golf, laser tag, tons of arcade games, duck pin bowling, and more all in the Lafayette Square mall. Not only that, but they have a bar too.

The total cost of entry is about $8.50, but that includes all you can drink and a full buffet with about a dozen gourmet pizzas, chicken strips, baked potatoes, lasagna, pasta, and more. The buffet alone IS worth the rather modest $8.50 price tag, so at the very least you know you’ll get a decent meal out of your trip.

The arcade games themselves are good, plentiful, and varied, and they run the same price as most other arcades ($.50 -> $1.00 per play). Except at Xscape, there’s no tokens or tickets, it all goes on your gamer card which is rechargeable. Keeps you from having to drag around tickets or tokens in your pockets. Although that’s almost a negative because I know there’s nothing more satisfying than dumped an armload of tickets in the tray for counting.

But the arcade games aren’t what makes Xscape unique. They bill themselves as an indoor amusement park, and they’re mostly correct to do so. You can find literally dozens of activities for all ages throughout the facility. From the Go Karts to the Bumper Cars, from the children’s play tubes to the mini carousel, from the laser tag to the mini-golf, it’s hard to imagine somebody NOT finding something to do.

The prices for the non-arcade games are a little pricey ($5 for Go Karts, $5 for 7 1/2 minutes of laser tag), but they’re in line with most other places that offer these attractions, and the buffet is always there waiting for you after you’re done. And there’s plenty to do for free there (watch movies, mini-golf, kids play pit) so it works well.

All in all, there is definitely plenty to do and we will definitely be putting together some events. Look forward to it!