Wuhnurth Music Festival Day Two (9/12/09)

Continued from Wuhnurth: Day One

As the sun rose on day two at Wuhnurth, campers began to stir. A second lake, adjacent to the campgrounds behind the large Main Stage hill, became a popular attraction for morning dips in the water. Dogs ran free to sniff, play, and explore together. Campfires were stoked and breakfast began to cook. Children awoke to let their youthful laughter echo through the labyrinth of tents. Drum circles and jam sessions sprung up like dandelions in the spring.

To say the crowd was diverse is an understatement. Out-of-state license plates confirmed more than just Midwest representation. From beatnik extremists (dreads, unshaven, and unbathed) to moderate contemporaries (novice campers with a love of music), all walks of life were in attendance. The true beauty of it was the innate sensation of oneness; the natural presence of a desire for peace and accord.

When the morning chores were finished, playtime began. Afternoon sets included Nyx Redemption, The Hue, Derick Howard, and The Vessel. Root Hog hyped the crowd at the popular Hilly Stage and passed out free CD’s and stickers. Their self-described genre of