Wuhnurth Music Festival Day Three (9/13/09)

Continued from Wuhnurth Music Festival Day Two

Sunday morning began with the same sweltering sun that had watched over the festival from the beginning. Some parties began to pack and head home as soon as the greenhouse effect forced them out of their tent; others (the true die hards) cooked breakfast and prepared for a final day of music.

Sunday’s afternoon highlight was the smooth, sweet sounds created by Daphne Willis and her band. A Chicago native, Willis is no stranger to soulful singing. Her songs are written with the emotional depth of a blues track, yet executed with the bounce and pep of optimistic surf rock. Daphne Willis & Co. embraced the chill-vibe and crated happy feelings for all, despite the inevitable sadness to be felt with the festival’s approaching conclusion.

The Reverend Peyton and his Big Damn Band ushered in the evening from the main stage with their swampy blues rock. As Indiana natives, the band and their leader are real, honest, heard-working folk just like you and I. They never sugar coat things, either. With a substantially lighter crowd than would be expected for a nationally recognized band, The Rev and wife