Would your mother be proud?

Frustrated, Still…

I don’t understand some people’s thought process. As someone ages, wouldn’t you think somehow they would mature? It seems to me that some people have the common sense of their shoe size. Why would someone want to brag about being kicked out of a bar, or throwing up in massive places, or punching someone and getting into fights? Granted a couple weeks ago, I went out for my bday and it got a little out of control. But, I rarely ever drink, due to my responsibility to make it home alive and not hurting myself or others.

I just don’t know how someone can’t have that guilty feeling inside their gut for acting like such a fool. I have not been out for over 2 weeks, because my body (although just 26) can’t handle going out to a smokey bar 6 times a week. I work 2 jobs, plan on going back to school, and LOVE the fact that I have a life outside of mojo. Back in May when I joined the ball of fun-ness that is mojo, things were so cool. Now with so many members (which is the whole plan of this thing, I know), I just feel like “relationships” can’t be found. No, not the boy/girl, lets make out and date relationships, but those personal ones (otherwise, called friendships). I get frustrated because I don’t personally want to be affiliated with fighters, drunks, and well whatever.

I don’t want to be pointing fingers, because not everyone acts like a total douche bag in public. (What you do in your private life is your choice). I do a lot of work with inner city groups, I like the fact that I am a role model to young peeps, and I don’t want my name completely tarnished for stupid things I do. If anyone is wanting to help me out with some of the stuff I do with these groups, I would love it if people wanted to come. Actually have one of those few mojo activities that doesn’t require skimpy clothes, alcohol and drama.

This blog was not intended to offend anyone, maybe just have people think about decision making skills. I love all the people I met on mojo, but sometimes being one of the good girls doesn’t get much respect.

I feel better.