WORLD PREMIERE: Oreo Jones – “Good Times” (Video)

For the 2 year anniversary of The Delicious EP, Oreo Jones and director Jace transform Oreo’s Super Bowl performance at Sun King Brewery into a music video for “Good Times”:

When the Delicious EP dropped in April 2010, very few people besides Indy’s tight-knit hip-hop community had any any clue who Oreo Jones was. Then nearly overnight, Oreo aka Sean Smith was on the lips and in the headphones of nearly every tastemaker in the country as the lead single “Good Times” shot to the 4th spot on Hypem’s Twitter chart. In order to celebrate the moment that put the past 2 years into motion, Oreo and label Rad Summer have enlisted video director Jace to craft a video for “Good Times” and are re-releasing “The Delicous” to the social music service Spotify. It has been an amazing ride so far, and the best is yet to come!

2011 was a busy year for Indianapolis emcee Oreo Jones. In the past year, OJ has orchestrated an indie rock collab EP, dropped his highly successful single and video “Cordon Bleu”, collaborated with Action Jackson on their smash Black Fabio mixtape, and performed at several of the best indie shows in Nap. Spring 2012 is set to be just as busy for Oreo with 2 music videos, a national tour, and multiple SXSW appearances. Watch for Oreo’s long-awaited debut album to drop sometime in the near future.

WATCH: Oreo Jones – “Good Times” (Music Video) directed by Jace
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