I’ve recently discovered that if you bring drama to my table, I no longer care what you think.

I’ve done a lot of cutting people out of my life recently, because I can no longer handle their immaturity or their drama in my life. I’ve got my own issues to worry about on a daily basis, and I have no time to fix yours. I’m not trying to sound heartless, but come on, if you’re just trying to start trouble, I by no means want to be a part of it.

I cause my own trouble. Smile

Anyway, for those who have seen me lash out, cry, break things, scream, I apologize for my shenanigans. This last month or so, has been a crazy process in which I’ve learned so much about myself, and how to handle things, that I now realize I don’t have to put up with certain things, if I don’t want to . I’m an adult, I deal with adult type situations, not this high school drama that some people like to use to provoke me to respond.

Not anymore.