Ok guys….

It’s no secret that Solstice III is coming up this Friday at The Vogue, with Future Rock, Cyberoptics, and Shy Guy Says. This celebrates our 3rd year of doing Electronic Music Events in Indianapolis!

In honor of the celebration, we wanted to do something cool to give back to people who help us spread the word about Solstice III!

Here’s what’s on the line….

1. 2 Tickets to Solstice III

2. Autographed Solstice III Event Poster

3. A Fresh Demo and “Bobomb” from Shy Guy Says

4. Sweatshirt and Hat from No Bad Ideas!

* Possibly more TBD, including a potential meet and greet with the artists and more! (We’ll keep you posted as we add to the prize pack!)

To win, this is all you have to do…..

CHANGE your Facebook Profile Pic to the event flyer!

2. POST your favorite Future Rock, Cyberoptics, or Shy Guy Says video in the comments below! (Be sure to use the video button in the tool bar so it shows up! NO REPEATS!)

3. REPOST this page on Facebook – be sure to tag Indymojo’s Facebook Page so we can see it! Bonus points if you tag G-9 Collective’s Page too! (Moar bonus as you post throughout the week)

The Winner will be selected Friday at lunch time!

Here’s the flyer….and a video to get you started…..


Solstice Event Page!
Solstice Facebook Event Page!

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