In todays lifestyles there are many addictions that people have. Alot of them I don’t understand and wish i could understand them a little more, but unless I put myself in the position to know first hand I won’t. And I don’t exactly plan on doing that to myself.
What makes me think about all of this is the fact that I have a very close friend who is haveing problems with perscription drugs. He takes several types many times a day and when it is brought to his attention he says he will try to fix it and he accomplishes it for a day maybe two, but then it’s right back to “popping” the pills.
I hate seeing him do this to him self because we have been frinds for almost 15 years and I care for the guy a ton, but I can’t sit here and try to help someone who doesn’t want to help them selves.

I guess I am writing this to see if anyone has any advice for me to give him or for me to try to get some help to him.

I am almost to my wits end and am reaching out for a kind helping hand.

Til next time,
Peace and love