Why Your X’s Are NOT Your Friends

So I have come to realize that even though the common phrase is that “nice GUYS finish last,” it seems that nice girls finish right BEHIND them.
So here’s what happened: I was recently contacted by an ever-illusive X, who shall remain nameless to protect his idiocy (why? because I’m nice). He had heard that I was leaving for the Coast Guard (Hoo Rah!) from a mutual friend and wanted to have an opportunity to say good-bye (again) and wish me luck and what-not. He invited me to dinner “for old time’s sake” at a restaurant we used to frequent. I told him I would think about it and get back to him.
Of course being the nice person that I am, I decided that there would be no harm in that…After all, we didn’t break up on bad terms or anything. He just realized that his ex (KIM–read my profile for a full explanation of the significance)was much better than me. Not a big deal. I’m over it. So let’s have dinner, catch up & say good-bye for GOOD. After making this decision, I sent him a txt asking him if the following day would be good for him, to which I got no reply.
The next AFTERNOON, he text’d me back, and this is the conversation that ensued:

X: What ru cookn?
Me: I’m not. and thanks for not getting back to me.
X: What ru talkin about
Me: I txted u yesterday and u also never called me back Sunday (the day he proposed the dinner in the first place)
X: R u mad at me?
Me: No but its a very busy week for me and I kind of expected you to let me know before now if tonite was going to work for you.
X: Then nevermind! u dont have to squeeze me in.
Me: But I wanted to is the point…
X: Well im not ur problem anymore, if u already have plans dont worry about it
Me: um, okay?
X: What ru cookn
Me: I told you I’m not. you said you wanted to go to hacienda remember?
X: U byn?
Me: ? You invited me!
X: Ohhh, I wont eat much. i just want beer and salsa
X: So what do you think?
Me: I think it’s kind of tacky for you to invite me to dinner to say goodbye and ask me to pay
X: I’m a tackey (spelled wrong) guy

UGHHHHH!!!!! Are you kidding me?! This is why your X’s are NOT your friends people. This is why nice girls finish last too. I cannot believe that I dated someone who is that rude and obnoxious…I mean, seriously, it’s kind of embarassing…well, I hope you all get a good laugh out of this because I did. What an @$$…Sometimes I wonder if there are any nice guys in this world…WHERE ARE YOU?????