Why my weekend was awesome

For the most part my weekend rocked. Friday was tough because that was my grandfather’s funeral. It was nice to put closure to everything. After that, I had to head into work because it was my last day with Northwestern Mutual. That in itself was good. I’m really excited about my new job. (I had a great first day btw.) Friday night my friend Betheny came over and we had pizza and beer and talked about men.

Saturday I slept in and lounged around. In the afternoon I drove down to Greenwood to Mark’s house and we headed to Oldenburg. Every year they have a German festival called Freudenfest. German food and beer…good times! They had accordian players and German dancers… it was so cool! I met some of Mark’s friends and hung out with his family. Lots of fun.

Yesterday I pretty much just relaxed and got myself ready for my first day on the new job. It was beautiful the entire weekend so I took advantage of that.

So that in a nutshell is why my weekend was awesome.