Why my WEEK was awesome!

This is usually used to blog how awesome the weekends are…but this last week was full of mojo time!!

Monday: Shared some chips and salsa with some mofos over at the Chili’s in Castleton…where we scored some awesome Mr. Woodcock loot!! We then made our way to AMC to get a special sneek peek at the movie! It was hiliarious!! We then made our way over to The Spot for football, beer, food, pool, and my new addiction, GUITAR HERO!! I had so much fun!!

Tuesday: I started class again…for the next 5 weeks…boo!! so, i took tuesday night off to ensure i planned accordingly with my homework…(which didnt work out all that well since i have a paper due at midnight, but dont want to miss Mojo Night Football!!).

Wednesday: After work, homework, and puppy time…I made my way to the Tavern and then over to Landsharks…I was on the DL as i didnt want to have a nasty hangover at work!! I had a blast nonetheless!!

Thursday: Another day of work, homework, and puppy time before heading over to Rock Lobster to see Jer Gregg and Mardelay perform. It was a great show, but a bit on the chilly side!! I then spent some time at Hotbox with Brandon, Justin, Craig, and John (aka Chicken Limo). Some great convo and laughs!

Friday: Repeat above! Pick up Kyra and headed to the VIPIndy party @ Ice. Another mellow night for me…i was pretty drained from the lack of sleep and the amount of work and homework i had going on! I made a quick stop at Se7en to see some friends, but i was ready for home!

Saturday: after sleeping until 12:30 =D I got some laundry and homework done before the Notre Dame game. Since that wasnt much of a game i proceeded to take a nap! I did a little shopping then got ready for the evening. I picked up my bff, Tam, and hit up DJ’s for a drink and to get Kyra. We then made our way to Oranje. What a great experience!! We didnt know that there was mojo juice so we were getting drink tickets…luckily the drinks were pretty freaking STRONG!! i was certainly feeling it after a couple of those and several trips past the sparks girls!! After some time at Oranje, Kyra, Tam and I hit up Arby’s! Tam and I made our way to Tiki’s for a little bit…i then got roped into taking care of a very drunk individual (i wont mention any names!! =D)…Dropped tam off and made my way home where i had the best time ever (insert sarcasm) getting my drunk buddy into the apartment and on the couch. i managed it somehow!!

Sunday: I made my way to DJ’s for the game and had a blast throwing Happy Fun Ball at the screen and talking it up with the guys! From there i made my way home to pick up the puppy. We took a stroll through the trails at Cool Creek Park in Westfield. She loves the water and had a blast. And to top it off, she was exhausted, so i had time to get some homework done…all the while shopping for a new laptop (thanks jdevl for the help!!) and mojo time!!

Monday: now it’s back to monday where i am at work blogging and attempting to get my paper done that’s due at midnight!! Bad thing is we are leaving 30 mins to hit up Lowes and Home Depot for field visits…ugh, i hope i get this paper done! no worries…i wont miss mojo night football…until next week!! =D