Why I Shave On Weekends

I wanted to pass on this little story that seemed so small yet changed the way I viewed things for so many years…

I remember in high school, my girlfriend and I had went to another couples place and we are all excited to talk about how “grown” up we were like many of us when we’re young and just learning how to be a grown up in a relationship, by pretending we were grown up in it :)

Well during the conversation, the young lady of the other couple, mentioned that her boyfriend never shaved for her but would for work and always did when they first met.

What was his response? Well now we know each other and we live together… and besides… you already love me.

I just saw the hurt on her face and thought at the time, “wow why is she so upset, he’s right, they already both love each other so whats all the fuss?”

Guess what? He was right, and he was at the same time absolutely wrong. Sure he could get away with it, and sure they were in love. But love isnt made of steel, its a growing living thing. And love isnt a prize to get from someone, its a gift you want to give and something you want to nurture. And the best way to have someone want to give is to make them feel special… was this making her feel more special then someone new he’d go off to date? Does she hear that she is treated more thoughtful now or before they were in “love”? I think we all know the answer to that.

If you’d do it for them when they didnt love you, what more reason in the world then to do it for the ones when they do.

If you would do something for someone to “catch them” or you’d do it for anyone else you didnt love, then do it for your loved one! Or simply put as my mother always said,

“Treat those you care for the very most, the very best.”

I’ve remember this ever since that day, and I’ve shaved on the weekend for those I’ve been with ever since. And anytime I feel like slacking, I ask myself, “Would I do this for someone new to impress them?” and it always makes me realize who is really most important in my life and then its not a chore, its a pleasure :)

Hope this story brings some good somewhere like it has me.