Whoa! What a Weekend…wait, i mean WEEK!!!

Lately it’s been a bit difficult on when my weekends ACTUALLY begin…

Mojo keeps me so busy that this last week was an entire weekend really!

so, um please enjoy!!

After a long day at work, where i anxiously awaited the clock hitting 5:30…it was time to run home…get some stuff together and hit up On The Border for some Mexican goodness with a great crew of people!!

From there it was time to get our Buffett style on for Mojo Monday Night at The Spot! Pineapple Bowling was a hit…for a couple people…then the barcardi reps and a busted pineapple or two ended the fun! :( Hula hoops were spinning and the bacardi shots were flowing! The night was a huge hit! and I was amped for the next day of festivites!

after a long day of recovery…i was ready to get my Buffett on! A little pre-party at JayKizzel’s and then we were off! What an awesome experience!! Buffett was such an amazing entertainer! The people watching was at it’s peak and we were able to get some awesome video (that i will compile…soon!)!! A little late night tailgating and a sleep over at JKs takes us to Wednesday…

I spent the day off chillin with JK and getting a couple videos done! I was there most of the day before heading home to take the pup out, to change and then head to the kickball field. Here the worst to first championship was won by the misfits in another two game win streak!! I rushed home to get a MOJO Mini Minute done and then it was time to hit the Shark for some Wild Wednesday!!

Running on little sleep and having to go back to work after a couple days off made it a difficult day…but i managed to make it to 5:30…rushed home…let the dog out…changed then rushed to my hair appointment at 6:30. I managed to make it to the kickball field for a SuperHero Kickle Me Elmo win!! :) We hit up the Monkey’s Tail for some buckets and to witness the best phone conversation ive ever heard between Boston and someone that had called my number by mistake!! Another late night…makes for an early morning!!

Summer hours rock my world as i only had to work until 12. I was in a little bit of a grumpy mood given i hadnt slept in like a week! the sun wasnt out so i was mad i couldnt get some lake time in with aimmers. Instead, Aimee, JK, and I had some lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise. I didnt want to be grumpy all night so after lunch i took a nice long much needed nap! Got up and got ready and then it was off to the Ugly Monkey with the other crazy Mofos!! Some interesting bet talks were made and a trip to the Castle where a guy threatened to shot Kpet…since he was from California he could apparently do this through his leg!! More awesome video…another LATE night/early morning!!

Lots O’Sleeping! Then another couple videos were done. Then i headed home to get some stuff done before the ‘Never Have I Ever’ party of the year at sWell’s hizzouse in the Ripple. A nice chill start that turned into some interesting information being devulged during Kings. Flip Cup, Cake Fights and Water Balloons made their appearance as well! Wow, what a night/morning!!

I had to sleep until 2:30 before i was able to get up and some what function. Some pup time and a nice long hot shower meant another nap! where i slept until 7 and woke up finally feeling fully recovered!! A couple errands and then i just chilled watching movies. The bad thing is i slept most of the day…so i had to force myself to go to bed…which didnt really help too much as i tossed and turned all night…now, it’s monday and it’s already booked with a movie premiere and mojo monday night at the spot…man!

WHAT A WEEK! If you are reading this and havent created a profile for Indymojo.com…please look at what you are missing out on!! :)