Who misses Hollywood Bar & Flimworks.

Is there anyone who misses that place besides me? Everytime I pass by the place. The food was awesome. Plus it was the best place to have a beer while watching a flick. The one thing that no one could forget is Saturday Night at midnight…THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. It was a great time. (especially doing the time warp) It was closed after 15 years of business. The owner said it was because of the parking went up & the restaurant taxes went to the monstrosity called Lucas Oil Stadium. (Sorry if I offend any colts fans but i’m not a fan of football.) So now it is a sad state of affairs when it is rare to find something to do in this city. Oh well the only thing to do is remember the good times.

Maybe one day…somehow…this city will do the TIMEWARP AGAIN!!!!