Who are you!?!?!

After 48 hours of mojo in my system, I find myself amazed by the network of people and community that exists here. JK, Smitty, and the countless volunteers who have worked hard to build mojo to what it is today should be proud of what they have accomplished in such a short time. There are many organizations and non profits who would kill to have such success…

Last night was my first Mojo experience. Seeing 11 people on the roll call, I expected to find a small gathering of people drinking a couple beers and having a good time, I had no idea the following Mojo had or how many people would actually be there from Mojo(no idea on a number I think 50 is a conservative guess…)

One of my favorite conversations last night was with the great Carrie G. She definitely lives up to her reputation of being funny, and made last night quite enjoyable. In talking we started discussing “guys”, don’t worry none of this is calling anybody out. But we got on the discussion of what works for Guys. Personally my plan has always been to be the super nice guy, since they are hard to find, and the vast majority of guys take the Jock / Ass hole approach. For whatever reason being ripped as hell and treating women like crap seems to be the popular approach and works well for some people…

But I`m always left astounded by some guys, who seem like they should have no chance in the world with popular or attractive girls, and yet they seem to pop off one hot girlfriend after another. What makes them tick? I doubt it is any relation to their anatomy so to speak, though that is what some people like to think. This very thought is where our conversation last night ended and without answers….

After some thought and reflection(and a Guinness headache), I think the answer has come to me. It’s individualism. See the trap in any large community or gathering or group of people or hangout or college, or frat etc.. is to try and look and be like everyone else. We want to fit in, we want to match, we want to measure up. So we take everything that is unique about ourselves, everything that makes me me, and we throw it away in an effort to fit in. If you have spent any extended amount of time with the same group of people you know what I am talking about.

I am telling your right now though the guys(and girls for that matter), who continually over achieve, who stand out in a crowd, who attract friends and relationships on a regular basis, are the ones who STAND OUT! They don’t fit the mold, they don’t try to be something they are not, but they accentuate who they are, that makes them memorable, unique, and attractive.

So this morning Mojo I pose you the question, Who are you?! What makes you different from the other 13,000 members here. What makes you unique. After all if all you do in coming here is try to act like the other 13,000 members then what do you have to offer ;-)