Whiplash in the Big City

One of the most common reasons people seek chiropractic and medical attention is car accidents. With the amounts of force involved the potential injuries are very significant and can even be deadly. That is on the extreme end of the spectrum. The more common associated injuries will be soft tissue injuries, or whiplash.

Whiplash is an injury that is the result of your body trying to protect itself. This sounds counterproductive, but the muscles in your head, neck, upper back, chest, and shoulders will contract when the sudden violent back and forth motion is applied to the head. The sheer force of the head flinging forward and backwards is enough to cause tearing of the mentioned muscles, tearing of ligaments and discs, breaking of bones, injury to major organs, etc.

Typically a person injuried in a car accident is taken to the hospital for an exam to see if there is any internal trauma or major skeletal problems. If nothing is found the injuried person may be given pain medication and anti-inflammatories, and told to follow up in a few weeks or a month.
There normally will be soft tissue injury, the injury to the muscles, ligaments, and discs that are expected to heal on their own. This normally is not the case and the average person is left with chronic pain, chronic headaches, shoulder issues, and other lingering issues that can go on for months, years, even decades.

These areas of soft tissue injury is where a chiropractor is very experienced and may be the best option for treatment. The relationship between the nervous system and the muscles and joints is very involved and needs to have just the right treatment. There is no protocol for a person injuried in car accidents as everyone and every accident is unique. A doctor of chiropractic will take x-rays if needed, check the functionality of the neck, back, and other joints involved and their relationship to the presenting symptoms. Understanding the cause of the symptoms will allow the treating chiropractor to find and solve to underlying problem, not just treat the symptoms.

The treatment time depends on the severity of the injuries and the underlying problems. Some patients may only need treatment for a couple of weeks and some may need a couple months of treatment to fully treat the problem. The cost of this treatment is normally covered by the car insurance whether the driver is at fault or not at fault, as this is part of what the monthly payments are covering.

Car accidents happen all the time and people are injuried. This type of injury shouldn’t be left alone to wait out, because the person could waiting a long time.


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