When Coffee Just Wont’ Do It

So this is what happens when I am bored in Philly with a 2 hour layover and nothing to do. I sit in my seat and start reading, then I notice I could care less what I am reading. So I try to be productive and program the FMS (Flight Managment System) for the next leg. This doesn’t take me to long but I notice that I am getting tired. Not good considering the passengers will be boarding in 15 minutes. So I get up, go out the jetway, find the nearest coffee stand, over pay for a cup of joe and down the coffee. Nothing………. So I head back to the plane, look around for a minute and then realize “Holy Shit, I forgot about the oxygen!”. So I pull out the mask, decide it looks a little bland, throw a IndyMojo sticker on it, put it on and take a pic! I also wake up pretty nicely because 100% O2 definetly awakens the brain:)

Legal Garble:
This was perfectly legal and broke no FAA regulations. I was using it as a training aid to assist me in case of an emergency. The sticker was for asthetic value only and was taken off as to cause no harm to the mask or valve operation. The oxygen was operationally inhaled as to test for quality and to monitor pressure indicator values.

A.K.A. sometimes you just have to make sure this shit actually works!:)