Whats with the

I have lived in Indy for about a month now, and so far I am really liking it here!

However, I have noticed something that I have never run across before. The whole “dont snitch” thing! I hear people say “dont snitch”, I see tee shirts saying “dont snitch”, I even saw a billboard about not snitching.

This seems so high school to me! I mean when you were a kid, you didnt tell on people cuz it just wasnt cool. But in regards to now and here, its referring to being a witness to some pretty serious crimes… drug dealing, theft, and murder.

I cant seem to grasp a community that would not speak out and help authorities solve these problems. I mean, what happened to “doing the right thing”?

I can tell you right now, if I saw a person breaking into a house, stealing a car, raping a woman, or witnessed a shooting, I will give the po-po every description possible to have that scum taken off the streets and hopefully locked away for a very long time.

Dont we WANT to live in a community where we take care of each other, watch out for each other, where we can walk safely down the street whether its day time or night????

The whole “dont snitch” attitude is juvenile and helps to create a sad society.

I will NOT shop in any store that sells “dont snitch” tee shirts, even if I can get other items there for cheaper than down the street. Those businesses are helping to perpetuate a safe place for criminals to be. I just wonder, if someone breaks into their business and steals much of their livelihood… would they really hope that a witness wont “snitch” so that they can be captured and made to pay for the losses?? I think NOT!!

We need “DO SNITCH AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE” tee shirts!! Thats a shirt I would buy and wear proudly!

Its not COOL to protect the criminals…its stupid!