What’s mojo doing for me?

Sorry to call you out Mike, but I just got the most meaningful hotbox in a long time. I hope you can all enjoy, or at least appreciate it as I did.

I am scared of big crowds, I hate large massive groups of people, and I hate not knowing EVERYONE in a group. I loved mojo when it was a tiny group of dorks. When we didn’t have to worry about anything, but just hanging out having some brew and only having 6 people on our kickball team that would actually show up every game.

Work is extremely slow today. We are getting ready to pick up the Nashville (TN) paper and they have yet to send us anything. So I get to sit here, and think about things for once, at least for the next 18 minutes before I have to head to the other job.

Anyway back to mojo. I think it’s the coolest smartest thing, a big online group telling the city about the most thrilling events going on in the city. We have laughed so many times together (obviously by all of the pictures, need I say more) and some have even cried together. So, why must I have this fear that people won’t care about people that have been around for a while especially as more members decide to hop on the bus. I know I can’t go out every week, because of my stupid jobs, but I still want people to get to know me. I have this heart thats kinda big (and even though I may be a monster smart ass bitch) I just want to have a relationship with as many people as I can. I want people to come to me, and say can I use your hand (no you perverts not for that, but more of a hand of assistance) I try to do as much as I can for mojo whenever I have free time. I have stayed up all night getting pictures ready, only getting 2 hours of sleep, and going in the next day to work at 15 hour shift. I don’t care. I can sleep when I die. Life is too short to not make an impact on someones life.

If i ever freak out and start getting pissed that mojo is getting to big, or my bitchy-ness lashes up, just tell me to shut my mouth and enjoy what is happening. One can never have too many friends to lean on. Especially if I ever decide to go to law school and run for public office. Just try not to use my incriminating photos against me. :)

Thanks Mofo’s for being you, for being the non-classy ;) crazy assed nut balls that you are.

Here’s the message:::

“yes but you’re so much better looking, educated and socialized than the people down here.

You guys have what Louisville had 5 years ago. The same energy. I miss that here but even so…the people down here have always been mouth breathing goblins.

You guys have it so good. Don’t be disappointed with it changes. You will be recognized everywhere you go soon too. People will yell “ZIGS!” out their car windows when you least want or expect it. You’ll have “newbies” glomming on to you and your friends at all your favorite hang outs. You’ll find new places to go…then the site will get crowded with the dregs of society…(me)…and your mo’fo experience will change. Not worse. Just different. Be prepared. But for now enjoy the ride. I envy all of you tools. Besides all the dudes in Indy get to feel you up whenever they want. Amazing. I just wish I had gotten a handful of ass too. That would have been cool.”