What Would Be On YOUR Mojo Pizza? Win Colts Tickets!

NOTE: There was some miscommunication and the tickets that are available for this giveaway are for the 9/24 Colts Home game versus the Steelers, not the Browns game this weekend. The winner will be selected this week and will receive those tickets instead. We will still be tailgating, however! Sorry for the confusion and any inconvenience!

IndyMojo is proud to announce a new partner in our Colts’ game tailgating fun…. Basey’s Downtown Grill! Conveniently located in the shadow of Lucas Oil Stadium, many of you have probably driven by or visited Basey’s during a home Colts game in the last few years. For those of you who have visited, you know it’s home to some of the rowdiest Colts tailgaters in town. And now they’ve invited us. This is a recipe for madness, for sure!

Speaking of recipes, Basey’s serves up some of the most delicious deep dish pizza pies in town. To honor our new community partnership, they’ve decided to name a pizza pie after us! Not only that, they’re giving away a pair of Colts tickets to whoever comes up with the recipe! All you have to do is comment on our blog below and given us the combination of ingredients that you think best represents IndyMojo.com.

Do you think we’re spicy? Maybe a pepper and sausage pizza?

Maybe we’re saucey? Extra thick tomato sauce and bell peppers?

Maybe we’re just cheesy. Extra cheese and pepperoni, nice and simple.

Give us your Mojo Pizza Pie recipe in the comments below and join us for tailgating this Sunday before the Browns game at 1:00pm at Basey’s Grille and Bar. The winning entry below will win two tickets to the Colts/Steelers game on 9/24, plus the FIRST 16″ Mojo Pizza Pie ever created to help soak up some of those adult beverages you’re sure to enjoy.

More details to follow shortly!