What's your excuse?

Excuses. Much like opinions and assholes, everyone has them and, yes, they all stink.

Are there things you either need or want to do but you’ve never gotten around to them? Why not? Because you don’t have time? Lies. There are 168 hours in every week. Assuming you sleep 6-8 hours per night and work 45 hours a week (we’ll call it 50, including commute time and lunch breaks), that still leaves anywhere from 62-76 hours per week free to do whatever you want. If you don’t sleep much, you have even more time.

Think really hard about why you don’t do the things you want or feel you need to. What do you do instead? Why did you make that decision? Why aren’t you more successful at __________ than you are now?

People sometimes have a really difficult time accepting that their excuses and justifications are paper thin. They really don’t hold up.

Every 6 months or so, I find myself falling into the same trap. Things I know I should do, things I sort of want to do…none of it ever ends up getting done. I don’t have time…bullshit. The time is there, it just gets used to do other things. I don’t have money…still mostly bullshit. The money isn’t as easy to come by as the time but it’s still getting used to do other things.

Taking an inventory every so often can really help put things in perspective. Sometimes it’s hard. It sucks. At the same time, if you do it well, you’ll figure out really quickly how you can simplify things. Lay it all out in front of you and most of what seems really important in your head looks like the most ridiculous shit you can imagine.

Be honest with yourself. I don’t like when other people aren’t honest with me, why should I allow myself to be dishonest with me?

Try it and see what happens.