What IndyMojo has given me

Like a lot of the members here, I originally joined Mojo after seeing a bunch of lunatics at a bar. I started getting active in the forums while at work because it was better than actually doing my job.

In March of 2009 (the 25th, to be exact), I got home from work and my boss called to tell me I was being let go along with 25 other people. That Saturday, I went to the first Go Broad Ripple Bar Crawl event and met a bunch of people. Several of those people would turn out to be really good friends.

This past Monday was April 26th when I started a brand new (and very promising) job. It was 13 months to the day that I had been without full time work. On that first day, I was able to introduce myself to people and engage in conversations with the other newbies as well as several of the old hands. The ages and personality types in this company range all over the map. There were never any nerves or awkwardness. I was never uncomfortable.

The man who is now my boss said he rarely saw someone that had the comfort level in an interview that I showed him.

I owe most of that to IndyMojo.

Anyone that gets involved for any period of time will eventually develop friendships. That’s never been a secret. I have lots of friends as a result of my involvement but I got something larger and just as beneficial. I got exposure to lots of different people, places, and things I might not have on my own.

Being unemployed, I didn’t really have a whole lot going on so I started doing things for JK. I got the opportunity to see and work behind the scenes not only with the Mojo community itself but also several of the large events. I’ve seen some of what goes into making this whole thing work and what it takes to get the large parties going.

Because of all of this exposure to such a diverse range of people and experiences, I learned how to adapt and engage people in different ways. I learned how to adapt my behavior and communication to whatever situation I was actually in.

If there are any newbies reading this, we try to tell you that you get out what you put in. Let my story be an illustration of that idea.

I really don’t know where I’d be without IndyMojo and, no matter what happens, I’ll always love this community.