What I Have Learned About Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is over and done this year, so this note may be a little late. Nevertheless, take heed! For this is a lesson that many of us–especially us guys–need to learn. If we did, I think we would avoid a lot of heartache and have much better relationships all year round.

Valentine’s Day is for couples. Roses and chocolates and the like are for couples. Or your mom. It’s not for the girl across the classroom that makes your heart beat faster when you bump into her in the hallway.

I’m the kind of guy that loves romance. I love poetry and roses and surprising my sweetheart with a creative token of my affections. Unfortunately for me, I am almost always single (for those of you who have met me more recently, last year was a bit of an anomaly). Guys like me really like the idea of sweeping a girl off her feet, but I think we may be a little confused about what this should actually look like.

Like any kind of relationships, dating relationships need to be built with care. You can’t be in a rush. Especially early when you are laying the beginnings of a foundation.

I think Valentine’s Day makes us singles really want to be able to participate, so we think it’s the perfect time to get in a rush and lavish someone we barely know with gifts in hopes that they, too, will be too caught up in the pre-Valentine’s Day fever to think twice.

Can you ask someone out on Valentine’s Day? Sure, but leave the Godiva and bad poetry at home. This applies to the other 364 days of the year as well. You’ll probably only succeed in scaring her away, and let’s face it, if she doesn’t like you, bringing her extravagant gifts isn’t going to change her mind unless she’s the manipulative kind. And if she does like you, you’ll have plenty of time to plan out that big romantic surprise for her after you’re already an established couple.

In the meantime, give those flowers to your mother. She’ll be sure to appreciate them.