What flavour of moonshine

posted at 04:26 am January 21 (LV blog)

1 Im lying here on my makeshift bed w/three dogs + a cat. Its 62 degrees in here and they have stolen my blanket. Doesnt matter tho, Id kicked it off anyway.

Despite the fact I sleep under a now unplugged and ‘winter quiet’ window air conditioner that allows the icy winter air to trickle in around its edges to chill my skin and softly shriek its frosty breath into my dreams- I tend to get too hot while snugged in Morpheous dark arms even when I have my feet sticking out + so sometimes, the covers have to go.

(I’m typing this on my cell b/c I am 2 bloody lazy to go downstairs to the computer…)

The room is bright @ 2-something-am for over the top of the window unit peeping its bright and cold white face, is the full moon shining. Its chilly light has managed to dribble uninvited across my pillow and awaken me as it softly touched my face and puddled upon my closed lids.

I lie here in amongst the slumbering piles of four legged bed partners + look upon the face of that night light in the inky winter sky. I feel the beams upon my lips + I wonder…

how moonlight would taste if I could but do so.

Would it be the most amazing flavour of vanilla, pure yet bold, or would it be a hearty coconut? Perhaps it may be that of a perfectly melted mallow squished between crunchy golden grahams + a campfire? it could be a wild and frosty Artic tutti-fruitty flavour, or a rich Bavarian custard cream or better yet- the lightest, foamy-est meringue ever imagined?

I wonder how a spoonful of light would feel in my mouth + on my tongue, would it fill me up?
make me smile?
melt in a flash of sugary sweetness like carnival cottton candy shyly shared while rounding a Ferris wheel
or melt messily + drippy as an ice creame cone clutched tight in a childs hand.

Would it tickle and make me giggle as it trickled its shiny coolness between my teeth?
would it leave a warm spot in my tummy?
if I laughed with my mouth full, would it spill down my chin,
would it stain my napkin as I wiped it away?
and I wonder how rich a taste would wet sparkling moonlight be if licked from a lovers fingers.

Just how many scoops of light do you think it would it take to make a float?

Would 2 scoops of raisins even BE enough for a bowl of moonshine?

Could you still dance to the light of the moon if you have an actual bowl of it in your hands, and which spoon would be proper to use when munching on moonlight?

I wonder the strangest things sometimes, especially when in that muzzy, fuzzy space betwixt dreaming + asleep.

Brushing away the lingering tendrils of awakefulness, I reach for my blanket and smile to myself @ the snorty grumblings of the dogs.
I realise that my sleepiness has returned along with the wee hour darkness for the moon has now passed its spot in my windowframe + sailed on toward the western horizon.

and yet, it left no trail of its passing,
no evidence it was ever there-
save more lingering questions tangled in the cobwebs of my mind,
and a sleepy cat blinking owlishly @ me from the shadowy edge of dreamland.