What do you do…

What do you do when the world has got you down
You try to scream but you just can’t make a sound
You turn for help but there’s nobody around
Well what do you do
What do you do when you just can’t face your fears
You wanna cry but you just can’t make the tears
You have a bad day but it keeps on lastin’ for years
Well what do you do

Damaging decisions are the ones that I make best
Will these sorrows last forever, looks like time will be the test
If I was capable of crying then I’d gladly shed a tear
My body starts to quiver, is this illness or just fear
I try to crawl to heaven but I’m falling strait to hell
For ever action I perform, in my coffin goes a nail
The best days of my life may very well have passed
I feel my chest is caving in, in an attempt for air, I gasp and ask


Turn the page on another day
Flip the script of a different play
Nothing’s ever here to stay
So take me someplace far away
Over the hills I must go
take me to a place untold
I must break free and crack the mold
I must stand up so strong and bold


I will restore my confidence
I will not lose my common sence
I need to lower my defense
Before I feel the consequence
I’m gonna keep on movin’, gonna keep on pushing through
I’m gonna give credit where the credit is due
I’m gonna make the change so I can feel renewed
I’m gonna prove it to myself, I’m gonna prove it to you