What are your priorities?

Being actively involved in the fitness, as many of you may be, I am typically surrounded by beautiful, healthy individuals who exude strength and vitality, so the visit to the nursing home was quite a shock. It reminded me of how crucial our quality of life is, and more importantly, that we are in a position to obtain that quality unlike any generation before us.

Many of us are passionate about our fitness, but we should all take time to realize the most important goal of all: overall health. It is easy to overlook in today’s society, which seems to place little emphasis on healthy lifestyles. Instead we as a society take part in living the fast life, consisting of eating fast foods that have no nutritional value to our bodies. We have the ability to control one of the absolute most important aspects of our lives, and we should use it.

There are three areas of health, which I find most important when talking about overall healthy lifestyles. The first is nutrition. We take for granted the information that is out there regarding benefits of low fat diets, but it has not always been common knowledge. Minimizing saturated fats and increasing dietary fibers from natural foods can reduce the risk of many cancers and heart disease. Our bodies can only rebuild with what is given to them to work with, so make is quality! Remember, what your body looks like in twenty, thirty, or fifty years is determined by what you feed it today.

The second area of focus is exercise. Many of us enjoy the weight room but ignore the treadmill of any other cardiovascular equipment, which is a huge mistake. We need a good compatibility with all equipment because by using what is available we can focus in on the five components of health. We must pay attention to the heart and the muscular system for complete wellness.

The third aspect of your healthy triangle should be abstinence from drugs and other chemicals that can negatively impact your longevity. The single greatest factor is smoking. If you smoke, you will die. It is that simple. You are depriving yourself from living a healthy lifestyle, and that’s the truth. After smoking the most commonly abused drug is alcohol. Not only is it hell on your system, but the factors accompanying it are bad too.

What are you without your health? Pay attention to the foods you eat and the methods you use to work out, and avoid unnecessary risks. Take some time to sit down and work on your goal setting, what would your long-term versus short-term be? As a part of the fitness community, it is our responsibility to be an example of good health practices.


Zach Dirr Elite Performance