What a crazy pre-holiday week!!!

So…I know that everyone was getting all excited for the upcoming x-mas holiday, but I was kind of bumming because I knew that I would be spending it alone. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, I was not going to visit the fam in Kentucky, nor were they coming up here. Suck! What to do, what to do…I guess that having a drink was the thing to do because I had been doing so for the week leading up to x-mas and on x-mas eve/morning as well. :)

It all started out with a Colts viewing party and gathering with other mofos at the Castleton OTB on Sunday, December 16th. Three jumbo margaritas later and I was shopping at Target…bought some crap I really didn’t need too…lol. Monday, of course, was the final MNF at the Spot so I came out in my reindeer finery and had some pints with the rest of you crazy mofos. On Tuesday, I met up with Steph at the Olive Garden in Castleton for some yummy food, good “scenery”, and a couple of sangrias. Next came the ‘Holiday Edition’ of Wild Wednesdays at Landsharks. With Santa hat in tow, I managed to party it up with you crazies until the wee hours of the morning. Thursday was a standing dinner gathering with some girlfriends at Cheeseburger in Paradise, where the sangrias just happen to be 1/2 off…yippee! I finally made myself leave work on Friday night at 7:00pm (yes, I know…I’m insane) and met up with a friend at Bazbeaux’s for pizza and beer. On Saturday, I headed downtown to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner with friends (Purple Haze is amazing!) and then on to the Melody Inn for Punk Rock Night (yeah…that was interesting…). Obviously, drinking was a necessity for that. ;) Sunday was another Colts viewing party — this time at DJ’s loft — and some more Miller Lite. After the game, I was “dragged” to the Ugly Monkey by Lindsay and Carrie for some additional beverages and as it turned out, ended up meeting up with them later that night for more debauchery…lol. Then comes Monday — X-mas Eve — and the mojo misfit x-mas party at Peakay’s. Oh my…the alcohol was freely flowing and the food was phenomenal!!! After drinking/eating there, a group of us packed up and headed into Broad Ripple to share our festive spirit with the patrons at the Alley Cat. I’m not sure they knew what hit them when we all came in with our mojo stickers and koozies…definitely fun times!

And sadly…the insanity came to an end on X-mas Day…after I picked myself up and dusted myself off from a crazy ass week plus of partaking of the sweet nectar, I actually had a day with no booze…lol. Of course, the next Wild Wednesday is just around the corner…hmmmmm… ;)