West Coast Glitch Hop to Invade Chicago 5/1

Sometimes, I get emails from people that I don’t know. I often wonder how my address got into their hands, what their connection to the music industry is, and what I did to make them think I would be a good recipient for whatever information they have to share.

Nonetheless, I check out everything that shows up in my inbox. Usually, it’s nothing special and gets deleted after a quick listen. But when I got news of a west coast turbo crunk group called The Glitch Mob taking over the electronic scene, my world was turned upside down.

I immediately shared my newfound obsession with fellow music-loving mofos in the discussion forums. I posted link after link to my facebook page, attempting to share the glitch goodness with all of my friends. I tossed a burnt CD of the 40-minute mixtape I downloaded at my friend one night. When I saw her two days later, the first words out of her mouth were,