Welcome to the New IndyMojo…. Again!

Greetings, Mojo.  Over the years, IndyMojo has taken many different forms.  While we started out as a social network for people in Indianapolis, we began slowly shifting and transforming from a site for drunken hook ups and encounters to a truly viable (at least we hope you think so!) media entity.  This new version of IndyMojo represents the final step in that metamorphosis… Our caterpillar has become a beautiful butterfly.  With frickin’ laser beams!

First thing you may notice is our complete integration with Facebook. While we enjoyed hosting our own community here, we simply could not dedicate the time we needed to truly support it, so we’ve opted to go the way of the Zucker-beast. You may sign on directly to IndyMojo.com using your Facebook connection, and you can comment on our blogs and events much like you would comment on Facebook.

That gives us time to focus on the content because, let’s face it, that’s really why you’re here, right?  Our blogs and events have been super charged to be easy to find, easy to share, easy to read, and easy to write.  Which is key, as we’ll be working with local contributors to help share their content with our audience (interested? Email info@indymojo.com).  Event submissions are easier as well, so we hope you’ll share with us your events for the city.

In the not so distant future, we’ll be introducing revamping photo galleries, video galleries, and interactive features (confessionals, anyone?), but this relaunch is a crucial step to being able to provide those features.

Below we’ve included answers to a couple of questions we anticipate, but if you have additional questions, concerns, comments, or you want to tell us how awesome we are, please email us directly at info@indymojo.com.

Welcome to the beginning.

Mojo Ninja Masters

Q:  I have a bunch of old stuff on the old Mojo.  How do I get it?
We were able to transfer over all user accounts and blogs during the transfer, but photos and profile information were not kept.  However, we are leaving the old IndyMojo up at archive.indymojo.com for your browsing pleasure.  Feel free to frolic there as you see fit, and gather your old belongings.

Q:  My old password doesn’t work!
For your security, our password system has always featured strong encryption which does not allow us to transfer passwords.  You have two options:
A.  Use the forgotten password system here.
B.  Connect to Facebook.  This will automatically update your account and even bring over your profile picture!

Q:  Why are you creeping on my Facebook information?
Let’s face it…. The Zuckerbeast is mammoth.  Based on our demographic information, 95% of our users have Facebook accounts and most of those use them frequently, so why should we make you have to think of another username and password?  When you integrate your account with IndyMojo, we receive your email address (which you’d already given us anyways), your first name, and your last name (necessary for contests and prizes) and that’s it.  We don’t snoop on you, we promise.

Q:  OKAY, fine.  But I tried to connect to Facebook and it didn’t connect my profile.
If your old profile was created with an email address that is different than the one you have on Facebook, then the system won’t know to use your old profile.  For most people, this is OK because they didn’t have much content anyways.  For those of you who wish to retain your blogs, events, etc., you’ll need to change your email to match.  Use the Forgotten Password system (described above) to recover your password, then login and change your email address.  THEN logout, and do Connect with Facebook.  Email info@indymojo.com if you have any trouble.