Welcome to Indy….

So a month ago I moved back here to Indy. I say back here because technically I was born here and lived here for a whole two weeks. I was supposed to be born in Illinois but popped out early…

What brought me here sounds like a country music song… Almost every aspect of my life fell apart and while some was in my control most wasn’t and blindsided me. I moved to Indy for a fresh start and a new scene

My first month here has been somewhat chaotic… Meeting people in a town where you know almost no one is challenging. I have spent alot of time going to open gyms playing basketball and working my way into some of the area leagues… I also have played lots of online poker in an effort to keep myself busy.

With 14 months on my lease I am not really sure what to expect. I have alot of hopes and unfulfilled longings but only time will separate the living dreams from the fairy tales…..