Weight loss plateau

So after some drunken douchebag nailed me on my motorcycle last summer (breaking my leg, my hip, and fracturing a vertebra) I gained about 60 pounds. I was training for MMA several times a week, and doing cardio in between, and so of course I was eatting whatever I wanted. After being layed up for months, and not changing my intake, you can all imagine what occured. Some of you who met me back in the Spring probably noticed that I wasn’t exactly the physical specimen of athleticism anymore.

Well, I’ve dropped 30 pounds over the last 6 months, and then the weight loss just STOPPED. I’m increasing my workout intensity, doing different training schedules and techniques, and even tailored a lean meat and vegetable heavy diet. Still the scale isn’t budging.

I keep trying to tell myself that muscle is replacing the fat, hence the weight staying the same. I actually do continue to look leaner, but man, its frustrating to be able to fit into my pre-accident clothes yet. I swear if this keeps up, I’m just gonna hop off the wagon, start eatting doughnuts, and change my screen name to Fatty McMahon-tits.