Weekend ‘O Fun

So, I’m having a major case of the mondays…blah blah blah…but I know shortly that Mojo Monday Night will cure that pretty quickly…

for now, i will just reminisce on the weekend i didnt want to end!!


Good food, great fun, and awesome company were had at the Neverending Story Screening/Pitch-in @ Jk’s paddizzle!! Nothing like watching an old 80’s movie with a bunch of crazies!! :)

The movie rocked, some guitar hero was played, and IndyWizz and I rocked out some beer pong…

It wasnt too long after double fisting and drinking straight from the bottle before i was spent and out!!


Mostly recovered from the awesomeness of the night before, I spent most of the day Saturday sleeping!! All in prep for the evening ahead…

Along with my girls Lish & Tam we hit up Cancuns for some dinner and a 60 oz pitcher of Margaritas to get the night started off right…

then back to the pad to get some additional nonexpensive drinking in!!

then we were off…to broad ripple…to celebrate Tam’s insurance dropping (she turned 25!)!!!!!!! we got our dance on and enjoyed an awesome landsharks bday bucket!!

After sweating more than we all weigh it was time for a change of venue…we sprinted over to OPT’s to see Rob, B.Rip, and Boston Boy for a quick sec…then off to Peppers to catch Craig’s band rock out!! There we ran in to Robbiepants who was so generous as to buy us all a shot for tam’s bday!!

rolled home and crashed!!


had some awesome convo and such in the am!! then some homework and a nap were had…more homework…then a pre-pajama jam over at Kpet/Danny’s with Aimee, J*me, Jingles, Kpet, and Danny the Donk. It was a nice chill night with pizza rolls, smiley potatoes, and brownies with ice cream!! yum!! then it was home for more sleepy time!! :)

now, it’s monday and just thinking about all the fun i had has put me in a better mood than when i started this blog!! so, i hope to see everyone out and about at the spot this evening!! :)