Week of October 4th

-Punk Rock Night Music Awards
Saturday, Melody Inn, $8 advance, $10 at door

The Melody Inn on Saturday nights is the only sure-fire haven for the local music connoisseur. Greg Brenner always finds four quality local and regional punk bands to make you pump your fist. Doing that roughly 52 times a year means that an epic amount of rock passes though the tiny Melody Inn door in 2006-07. To commemorate the fine year it was, The Mel hosts the 2007 PRN Music Awards. Evil Beaver and King Deuce provide the tunes, Brenner provides the awards. Bring a tux.

-The Mudkids
Friday, Mousetrap, Free

Indy’s best hip-hop group kicks it for free at the Mousetrap. They are supporting their excellent local release “Basementality”. Check out some samples on their MySpace page.

-Shiny Toy Guns
Sunday, Birdy’s, $12

Los Angeles area indie-electro-pop-ers Shiny Toy Guns light up Birdy’s like a disco. Beta Male, a local band in a similar vein, open the festivities.

That’s it. Have a good week, and support local music. Cheers.