we like to move it, move it…on Segways

As you may have read yesterday, a few of your fellow mo’fo(including yours truly) had the chance to test out a couple of Segways on the circle for Mojo Mondays. I have always wanted to try out one of these motororized people movers and I was excited to finally get the chance to take a test drive. So, I threw on my dorky helmet and was all over it – you can check out a few pics from the 2-wheeled fun here in the Mojo Gallery.

But, I figured that a few pics wasn’t good enough – check out the video below when you get a chance(or here on YouTube) to get a better feel for what it’s like rocking out a Segway or two. Also, if you want more info on the Segway Tours at White River State Park you can get more info over at www.segwayofindiana.com. Tell them that Mojo sent ya!