We like our pills!

We should be the healthiest nation in the world, as we consume more drugs and vaccines than any other country. The U.S. comprised only 4.7% of the world population yet consumed 52% of all drugs produced worldwide in 2000 and yet we are 37th on the list of healthiest countries. Seems like we might be taking more drugs than needed or are we just that unhealthy of a country that the drugs are needed? Coming from a natural approach to health I believe that we are on the wrong path in healthcare. This is not to say that medications aren’t the solution for any problems, they are very important, but have been abused and too heavily depended on by doctors and patients. There is a movement towards more natural approaches to deal with our healthcare problems and more importantly the scientific studies are starting to follow that trend and looking at more natural subtances such as certain foods and effects of mental stimulus and even the long term effects of a healthy sex life. So the future looks brighter for our healthcare and our own personal lives.


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