Warning Shot

I decided somewhere between sleep and awake this morning that I am going to start writing my blog. I guess reading Tucker Max’s latest has my mind abuzz. I’ve been meaning to put some of my stories in text and just… haven’t? Here we go, I guess.

Let’s get some things out of the way(so you don’t have to feel a certain way and comment in a fashion that might disturb the process).

I know who Tucker Max is. I don’t mean personally. I know of him. His stories.

I also know Maddox. You probably don’t. He’s equally talented(and been in the game A LOT longer than Tucker).

I’m not trying to be either.

Frankly, Tucker blurs the line between what could possibly construed as truth so frequently that I wonder why he feels the need to mention(as he often does) that he carries a voice recorder. I guess he feels that supporting his stories with the idea that there is some sort of physical evidence(short of a video or pictures, which would be nice, right?) gives him validity.

Maddox so vividly paints a picture that there’s no question he’s telling the truth, but frankly, half the time I find myself thinking “I wonder what prompted him to write about this”.

Beyond that, I’m not trying to become famous. I do, however, fully believe that in order to put something to rest, you have to put it into words(and in this case, text).

I’m also not intending to lie by any means. In my opinion, a lie told insists there is a more significant bit of truth being hidden. I don’t intend to lie. What I’m saying here is, if you read one of my “stories” and can’t help but wonder if it’s true(as a whole), don’t. I’m sure that somewhere between this first story(which took place about 7 years ago this month) and today, that I’ve been drunk and/or slept. My comprehension is pretty magnanimous, but I can’t remember everything. I do however, know the difference between “stretching the truth” and outright lying.

That being said, some of you(especially Emily and anyone who has seen me on a caffeine buzz)will have already heard these stories.

Because yes, I am caffeine sensitive.