Rented Waitress with Keri Russell…You know…the old Felicity…some of you know you watched that show!

Be warned now, this is not a light hearted rental, but worth the $2.39 it cost me….

It was an odd, yet endearing story. I love the flash-ins on the different kind of pies she is making in her mind….like killing my aXX of a husband pie and the ingredients she includes.

It is a slightly twisted look at the very mundane….and when the friend got married (you’ll understand if you watch the movie)….I felt the odd sort of pity that you feel when you know someone is taking the first option, not the best option. Don’t we all know people like that….or maybe we are that?

Oh…and Andy Griffith(you know who I mean) has a small role….but he is funny!

Not a chick flick exactly, but…odd.