vulnerability is growth

How many of you would like to see lower gas prices? Better schools and better health care? How many of you make enough money to pay for your own health care? How many of you can do as you please with out restraint of fiscal struggles? I don’t know the answer, that’s why I’m asking. Because if it is as I think it is, then we could all do a little something to change those answers.

We are electing a new president. Ha, well we are giving our opinion on who the next president should be. But how many of you wish that the things you said and the ideas you had were listened to? How many of you have an idea that you think could help with lowering gas prices but don’t tell a soul because you don’t want to be laughed at and shushed out of the conversation?

What if there was a social uprising in this country that forced the government to finally listen to its citizens? Would it be as easy as the Boston Tea Party or as bloody as the War for Independence? It would probably mix a little bit of both. Because while a non violent movement gets the word out, it seems that every movement ends in blood shed. And maybe this time it can be the blood of the people that have forced so many of us into poverty. Maybe this time they can feel the pain of the hundreds of thousands of people that go with out food or shelter or human understanding every day in this country. Maybe we can rise in a way so powerful that history books will be written about our actions.

It all starts here. It all starts now. I’m open to suggestions and criticism. It is from our critisizers that we learn our weaknesses, and from our belief that what we are doing is right that we overcome that criticism in positive ways.

I may be crazy while I stand here alone, but will I be seen as crazy if you all have the courage to stand here with me?