Vogue Goes Smoke Free…for a night

As a newbie to indymojo, I have realized that a big part of this “community” is nightlife. Recently, The Vogue, went smoke free for a concert. Here is some information about the event:

The Vogue, an Indy hotspot in the heart of Broad Ripple hosted a concert for two national recording artists, Dar Williams and Shawn Mullins on September 20th. The Vogue, normally a smoking establishment went smoke free for the night of the concert. Well, why is this important? The Vogue, one of Indy’s most popular nightclubs, went smoke free and did not go broke. More clubs and bars should catch on that entertainers want and demand to work in smoke free establishments!

Smoke free air ordinances are good for health AND good for business.

I was out of town for the show, but did anyone else make it? Did you enjoy the smoke free entertainment?