Out of sheer coincidense, the Independence Day of our fair nation has coincided with what is now Mojo Independence Day. The only difference? Really this was less of an American Indepence (war, blood, bullets) and more of a Canadian Indepence (we asked nicely.) Either way….


(Which is Spanish, not Canadian. But we like international flavor)

So what exactly happened? In a nutshell, MetroMojo (former owners of changed its business plan and is now a vendor of social networking technology. They had intended to begin dropping support for the site, which set off some red flags for a lot of the dedicated Mojoers. Smitty and JK went to find out the scoop and were presented the opportunity of a lifetime.

MetroMojo didn’t ever really want IndyMojo to die. They simply could not support it anymore. However, they could certainly allow some other company to take over the site and control it. Ooooorrrr…. some mojo enthusiasts could do it. So Smitty and JK met Keith and Chuck from MetroMojo, and a love connection was made.

So what does this mean? This means is now in the hands of local Indianapolis folks who are business savvy and Mojo infatuated. We have gotten so much from (friends, colleagues, cirrhosis), and we are dedicated to not only continuing it, but also bringing it up to be the best social networking site in the entire MidWest. And then? THE WORLD.

We have a lot to do and a lot to say, but we just wanted to start out by introducing you all to the new company and the promise that we will do everything in our power to make a blooming success.

Thanks everyone for your help and support and please feel free to hotbox us with questions, concerns, change requests, complaints, sexual solicitations (just getting, we might black list you), or just to tell us we’re doing a good job (we especially like those).

Peace and Love!
Smitty and JK
NetStuffers! (Coming Soon)